Storage Silos, Hoppers & Climate Control System

AMH specialise in storage silos and hoppers for food, dairy and nutritional industries.

With 125 cumulative years of experience and managing the company of 20 years of track records, we are the leaders in solving bulk storage solution including moisture/ climate control / Conditioning on bulk storage especially in Tropical country, loading, unloading, explosion risk (ATEX/FM Global), sanitation, environment, product characteristics, and other critical factors.

The design included full report licensed structural designer calculation, seismic strength with response spectrum analysis, professional reporting on ATEX /FM Global standard, Temperature load, moisture /climate control system in place.

We have to-date supplied silos made from stainless steel, aluminium, Mild Steel and fabric.
All in cylindrical shapes but with either skirt or supporting legs design are our norm as well as Customization size to suit your plant requirement

Accessories Include:
  1. Venting System with Explosion and suppression system
  2. Weighing System and IoT monitoring
  3. Customize inlet / outlet
  4. Variable discharging system such as Bin Activator, Fluidize air bed, Fluidizing system, vibrating discharge and others accessories
  5. Ladders, stairs, and other accessories
  6. Insulation with cladding