Dosing, Weighing & Batching

With a deep knowledge in practical of available load cells in the market, AMH's dosing, weighing & batching systems can count to microns weighing accuracy in short cycles which are customised to the customer's manufacturing processes.

These processes can either be in batches or continuous mode as follow:
  • Micro Ingredients Dosing System / Micro Ingredients Weighing System/ Micro Ingredients Batching System
  • Minor Ingredients Dosing System / Minor Ingredients Weighing System/ Minor Ingredients Batching System
  • Major Ingredients Dosing System / Major Ingredients Weighing System/ Major Ingredients Batching System

AMH's volumetric feeders, gravimetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, Gain IN Weight feeder and weigh-belt feeders can solve all your weighing and batching needs.

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Weigh Modules
We offer a wide range of different weigh modules from 5kg (11lb) up to 300t (660klb) capacity and combination system capacity of more than 1,200t size certified by ATEX
Automation Transmitters
We offer a wide range of weight transmitters for connection to PLCs. We support PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and 4-20mA. With the high-speed update rate and simple integration make the engineer's life easier during the implementation and ease of troubleshooting via Webserver.
Mettler Toledo PowerMount
having the Load Cell Diagnostics. To avoid bad batches and provide maximum uptime monitoring the individual load cells in real time and provide alarms in case of a failure. Load Cell overload, drift and system symmetry are constantly monitored and logged.