Sieving & Process Of Fluid Bed Drying

Sifting powder can be described as screening, separating, sieving, classifying, scalping & de-lumping, however each description is a different method of sifting product which requires a different type of sifting method depend on the product’s design parameters, product characteristic, product density as well as upstream and downstream process integration.

AMH offers a wide range of powder sifter designs to fit any application including Linear sifter, centrifugal sifters /Rotary sifters, vibratory sifters, tumbler screens, gyratory sifters.

The sieve can be apply and design under pressure (vacuum ) and inline pressure up to 2 bars to simplifying the process under AMH knowhow especially application on the special feature and arrangement

Sifter can be incorporate with cleaning balls, ultrasonic cleaning solution.

AMH Had work with World Well know project partner to offer customer a Fluid Bed drying process and intermediate system. We the Infeed and outfeed being carefully design by AMH, your value product come with one source process warranty.