AMH is a specialist in bulk material process handling, pneumatic conveying, and production intermittent processes. We cover design, manufacturing, installation, start-up services, and after-sales services. AMH projects today range in scope from equipment and component sales to complete design and installation of turnkey systems.

AMH is a member of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) where we promote and practice hygienic engineering and design in all our system integrations. At AMH, we combine top-quality equipment and system design integrity with exceptional personal service. You can depend on getting the right equipment recommendation at the first time, as well as comprehensive start-up and customer service.

Through continued extensive research and development program, AMH sets new standards for bulk handling equipment performance with entirely unique designs, and product improvements. We have become a branded, energized and experienced company that has demonstrated business momentum and success. As AMH, we have an established business with many competitive advantages:

  • Agile and responsive to meet customers’ unique needs
  • World-class portfolio of products, services and network capabilities
  • Sizeable blue-chip customer base
  • Deep knowledge of the global marketplace
  • Highly motivated and experienced employees
  • Dedicated management team
  • Financially strong with positive cash flow and proven business momentum.





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