Dry Mixing System

Dry mixing system is an integral part of AMH's technologically adanced process designs engineered to special applications in food and chemical manufacturing.

Our ribbon mixer, paddle mixer, drum mixer or IBC mixer will be customised to fit into customer's products and process requirements.  Our mixers are built either with carbon or stainless steel construction, oil spraying, steam jacketting and clean-in-place (CIP) features.

Our vast experience and knowledge prove to be prevailing when customers have to deal with minor ingredients, huge range of recipes changes, pre-weighing, product coloring, product odour, product heat sensitivity, mixing homogeneity, product lumpiness, ease of cleaning etc.

AMH provides IBC blending systems to accommodate full range of Intermediate Bulk Containers.

Ingredients are filled and managed within the same protective environment to guard against airborne dust and waste spillage; machine product cross-contamination and human error. All critical functions are monitored and validatable via logic controllers.

Integrated with CIP automated cleaning and drying systems, cleaning validation and verification process ensure all bins will be safe for the next cycle of usage.


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