Bulk Storage System

AMH designs and builds high quality, individually designed bulk storage silos by fully licensed structural designer familiars with steel silos having designed many plants of different sizes and content with different codes.

Stresses are further checked in the SAP2000 files for the following reasons:

  • a closer look into the transition area
  • a check to seismic strength with response spectrum analysis
  • an analysis of temperature loads

We have to-date supplied silos made from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fabric.  All in cylindrical shapes but with either skirt or supporting legs design are our norm.  

Fabric silos are made of non-toxic, high tenacity polyester for solid, powder and granular products storage for all industries and especially for food industry.  They are fixed to the galvanised steel frame assembly.  These silos are suitable to be erected indoor and the storage capacity is in the range of 5m3 to 65m3.

We also supply silo equipment either manufactured in house or directly supplied from our principals.

These silos were installed across Asia Pacific countries for water treatment, mineral processing, food manufacturing, chemical processing, polymer industry and other general industries.



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